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As is known to all of us, in anime works, costume cosplay of role is a kind of play art. And one of anime content is to explain different roles according to several of means. Anime images often come from anime works. In fact, many roles from famous brands such as Disney series, Daemon, Leon, Hello Kitty and Snoopy are very famous brands. These anime images are promoted their popularity according to a series of anime derivatives. Among all those derivatives, they share a common element, that is anime costumes.  

Of course, when we refer to Anime costumes, it does not only refer to clothing, but also include accessories and different kinds of props. All of them are designed on the base of daily clothing. The purpose of costume cosplay design is to create anime images successfully and conduct a perfect aesthetic result. Design Anime costumes according to color, style and characteristic to beautify every special characteristic, temperament and possession. Different anime images are required to make its design meaning in accordance with plot of a play. Use old costumes for reference and integrate traditional cultures with figural elements if necessary so as to develop art features to the most and highlight different unique costume styles.

Obviously, Anime costumes are manifestations of framers’ thoughts according to create a special role. The framer can also make Anime costumes in accordance with the role according to defining the role, taking good command of characteristic of the role. Therefore, in order to make your anime more popular, design thoughts should be connected with the age, and take full advantages of common costumes to make it more fitful for the role. And make common costume as an inexhaustible material and inspiration. As we can say, Anime costumes develop very fast and popular. More and more people prefer anime very much. According to present developing situation, anime costumers will have a bright future. If you are a anime fun, you will gain more ideal products than you can imagine. Anime, as a newly spring industry, is widely advocated and developing in many countries. Kids and some youths are the main funs and consumers. Anime costumes are the most frequently-used and visual instrument which are taken into application for playing parts. Costume cosplay varies very much from each other. In early years, it commonly came into people’s eyes in some dress up occasions and some special festive, such as Christmas and thanks giving day. However at present, Anime costumes are widely spreading and gradually expand in many regions, China included. What is more, Anime costumes are the main pattern of manifestation of costume cosplay.

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