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VSM shaker is using lean manufacturing tools and techniques to help companies understand and streamline production processes, and its purpose is to identify and reduce waste in the production process. VSM is often used as a strategic tool for change management tools. From the moment the purchase of raw materials, VSM began to work, it runs through all manufacturing processes, procedures, products leave the warehouse until the end. Not only that, the service can also be used VSM improvement activities.Here to click shear pump and you can know more about this kind products.

Nowadays, there are more and more VSM shaker applied in the daily work. Although it is used easily because of the stack sizer inside, it still needs to teach you how to use it.

1. Selection and with the vibration of bearings

(1) Bearing vibration characteristics of the working conditions and environment

This is very important. VSM shaker with the stack sizer is very accurate, so choose the appreciate place is important. Otherwise, the VSM shaker or the stack sizer inside may be broken.

Installed in the vibrator, the direct participation of vibration, to withstand and pass a larger work load, and speed faster acceleration with stand large, easy to heat. Subjected to cyclic load bearing outer ring, inner ring bear a fixed load. The temperatures are a little high.Which kind de-1000 decanter centrifuge do you like best ,here to find the features of it.

(2) Replacement of the bearing vibration should choose the appropriate type of bearing

a: selection principles: that can withstand greater loads and has a larger radial clearance

b: Radial clearance: a bearing rings is fixed and the other perpendicular to the bearing rings in the axial direction, from one extreme position to another extreme position of the movement amount.

c: How to check radial clearance: the bearing stand up, measure the gap with a feeler to the highest point of the bearing outer ring hole and the highest point of the top of a roller between.What's the application of derrick shaker ,here to know.

(3) Motion bearing clearance

After the bearing assembly, during operation, the gap between the bearing ring and the roller, the movement is called a gap. In general, the movement of the bearing clearance should be greater than 0, otherwise the process will work to increase the bearing wear or even burn bearings. Have some bearing clearance, the impact of the assembly process with the nature and operation of temperature and other factors affected the movement of the gap.

(4) Coordinate of Bearing Vibration

Popular speaking: that bore shaft and bearing housing bore and the bearing outer ring with that "tightness." Due to bear the load bearing inner and outer rings of different nature and role of the higher operating temperature, thermal expansion to compensate for shrinkage of parts, so vibrating screen bearings with the following features.

Europe Outer D<150mm N6 Interference fit

D>150mm P6

Inner d<80mm g6 Clearance fit

d>80mm f6

China Outer Due to the different processing conditions are not uniform with Transition fit

Inner Clearance fit

2. Use process should pay attention

(1). Two motor characteristics must be the same

(2). Direction of rotation must be opposite

(3). Quality of triangle belt must be better, model and tension to meet the design requirements. Belt pulley groove should not have oil, should always be adjusted checked. Ensure reliable power delivery at working do not throw turn, to keep pace. Otherwise, it will cause serious damage to the shaker, which is very important.

Article Resource: http://www.solvedrilling.com/

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