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<p>The north wind whistling, blowing will Cao Ying Yuanmen's main flag fluttering sound, the twelfth lunar month of the depth of winter, cold and chill drill into the inside of his soldiers A clothing, all shivering with cold Cao soldiers. My lord, that over time, the soldiers acclimatized, very likely to lead to disease ... Cheng Yu said softly. The disease is fatal for an army, once the army with the plague, physical fitness, combat effectiveness and morale of soldiers would have been greatly weakened. I'M OKAY, Ru-speed pass <strong>christian louboutin cheap</strong> will make the church captains in the army of procedure! Sometimes life is a game of gambling, lost nothing, fear most is not yet the battle they lost the will to fight. Worry about the outcome of the results of Cao Cao naturally clear, so louboutin shoes to make the decision of the westward movement of the object of attack Jiangling. Sanjiangkou Cai Mao suffered a crushing defeat Cho 5,000 elite troops annihilated, there may be borne outbreaks.</p><p>Therefore, <strong>christian louboutin us shoes</strong> decided effort to give it a try. Once determined, Cao Cao's plan is more bold louboutin shoes should have decided to pour the Wulin large battalion of elite stormed the city of Gangneung. The importance of the city of Gangneung for the warring parties are self-evident, high pet, in the north shore of the Yangtze River left corner of Gangneung, the significance lies not only in collusion Basu reinforcements, but also means cast in the hinterland of Cao Cao the important piece. As long as the proper timing, this embedded enemy positions pawn may at any time resurrection. For Cao Cao, Zhou Yu Jiangling direct military threat to the security of Wulin camp. This is like a tiger lying on the couch next to feel how calm sleep. Since the attempt to break the high main pet can not be achieved, then cut off the Zhou Yu's biggest strength has become the first choice may weaken the high pet. Therefore, regardless of Zhou Yu is not in the counsels Xun, Cheng Yu Bu attack Jiangling, Cao Cao is imperative for.</p><p>Conversely, if there is no resist in the capital, waiting for the final results can not run away defeat of the fate of his death. Battlefield wrestling trickery change is one aspect, and play a fundamental role in the strength. When the hero and tension, Shuzi fame! Cao Cao heart Antan, the face of the adverse situation of the war continue to suffer setbacks, he has no choice. Taking advantage of the morale is still taking advantage of the soldiers as well as your spirit, he must be a quick fix. Sub-Lian Ru rate of of Qingzhou 20,000 soldiers play a siege main! The Haw Par ride with <strong>christian louboutin shoes on sale</strong> expedition! Expedition Gangneung and dispatched Cao Cao pure Buji nearly 40,000 elite for Cao Cao is the maximum possible. As a result, the soldiers left behind of Wulin large camp on the left less than 50,000. Komeito, louboutin shoes left to guard the camp. The generals command to be received one by one leave, Cao Cao Xu Huang left alone. He slowly took off trim cloak draped body to Xu Huang.</p>

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