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<p>Huang Department of Xiakou round and round the siege, but the city plenty of forage, many soldiers because Canning Ministry of poor tackling, so several times previously siege frustrated, Taishi Ci Danyang soldiers was transferred over high pet believe that with Taishi Ci the ability to win exhausted Huang is not a problem. The purpose and evolution of Jingzhou situation of the war so far, is no longer simply the Jiangxia the pros and cons, and Liu Biao sent out the purpose of the three-way army reinforcements, not just to Huang Zu Yijun <strong>louboutin pas cher</strong> to completely repulsed pet high pet forces out of Jingzhou. Based on this point, Hanyang as the two armies attack and defense points, Jingzhou army first to occupy the high pet Army faces trapped inside and outside of the unfavorable situation, which is the high pet heavily armed in Hanyang reason. Taishi Ci command led his troops in the main, the summer population must be won in two days! The same time, all the thunderbolt car shipped to Xiakou City continues, Huang look christian louboutin pas cher powerful!</p><p>The summer population, high pet is done.<strong>Chaussures christian louboutin pas cher</strong>, Taishi Ci cold smile the Li Dian Lu Qian opponent enough to guard the party, but still not be a true master, if for Xiahou Yuan, Xiahou Dun, where a war. For Xizai Jaap let injuries are classified Xu, Jaap wonderful Caibing into the next Cai, which fought boring tight grip! The Taishi Ci doubled Tieji calm frame to open the Li Dian Lu Qian swords and guns, Chen Sheng shouted. Taishi Ci words real great care needs to be borne, the Li Dian Lu Qian martial arts, although they are not the Jaap brothers and Xu Zhu, Dian Wei, but can be considered well-known characters, Cao, do not want to be despised as servant, this tone even if the two of Li Lu is athletic, also swallow. However, Taishi Ci so that is the purpose of holding the Cao touches fully met. Li Dian furious gun shouted: the Taishi Ci Hugh insolent, to see Li Dian come war Ru!</p><p>The three circled horse, 20 together, regardless of the outcome. High pet is Crue, Cao after the array is suddenly thrown into chaos, three unknown, then each horse to watch, surprised to find not far from the flags pointed, the provincial governor of Yangzhou characters fluttering eye-catching, originally a scout report it The personally led Old Guard came to collusion. Pet a mysterious, the Zhou Yu silver armor white robes, the two of leading an army left and right to Cao outflanking flames Stampede, Ma Shuo Over at Cao Wailing continued. The public would like, Let's take a look at <strong>louboutin Femme pas</strong> to join the first sub-righteousness? Pet, high Shuo Jici, a Cao Tsuginoikusanokimi of the He pierced the throat, turned sacked. Zhou Yu looked indulge pet in the killings, sometimes fascinated, so custodial free beam heroic, Willful allies and enemies Changran so long ago also, Bo-Fu - Zhou Yu heart faint pain. Zhou Yu shouted, horse walk through Cao array, such as unhindered.</p>

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