Basic Introduction to Black Steel Pipe

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It is no exaggeration to say that our daily life could not work properly without the pipes. In fact, since ancient Rome, human beings have began to use the pipes. But at that time, the lead pipes are harmful for human health. Nowadays, the API steel pipe has shown significant improvement in pipe system. What is the definition of pipe? It is a hollow structure made from different materials including metals and plastics. Black steel pipes are made up of selected steel and they could be used to convey various kinds of materials, such as liquid and gases. You may find that the pipes installed in your house are the plastic types. But when it comes to the industrial purpose, the metal pipes should be chosen to meet the tough working environment.

Steel is allowed to combine with different alloying component. For example, the carbon steel means that the main component is the carbon. The content of carbon could be as high as 1.2%. In addition, the steel could consist of several types of metals including manganese and chromium. While the carbon steel comprise other alloying component, it would be recognized as alloy steel.

The content of the alloying materials are controlled to enhance the advantages of welded steel pipe. For example, the addition of carbon could improve the tensile strength. But at the same time, the ductility would be decreased. So, the manufacturers need to control the content of the additive depending on the customers' expectations. The carbon would make the steel harder. Through the tempering procedure, the hardness could be enhanced. First, the steel is heated to a high temperature for a period, then the steel would be cooled immediately. After the two steps, the tempering is completed.

When you have realized what is black steel pipe, you would have to choose the reliable supplier on the internet. Determine the type of pipes you need and insure the quantities you need. Especially while you are choosing the pipes for heavy industrial purposes, it is a necessity to make sure that the pipe you choose could meet your demand. Generally speaking, API steel pipe offered by reputable distributor could be used for different purposes. Your choice should adhere to the requirements. The reputable distributor would help you to select the proper type even it is hard to find. For more introduction to help you understand steel pipe, please visit: www.xinlinsteel.com

When you have realized what is black steel pipe, you would have to choose the reliable supplier on the internet.

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