Energy-Saving and Modification Application of Inverter in the Roll Forming Machines

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Firstly, the working principle of full-automatic disc type plastics injection, it is common equipment in shoemaking enterprise, also called electricity-eating tigers. Our country is a country with shoe powers; there are a large number of shoemaking equipments in our country. The characteristics of full automatic disc type plastic injection roll forming machines as bellows:

This kind of machine is specialized use in producing different kinds of single, double or three color sports shoes, casual shoes soles, private sole and so on. Raw materials are used in the production of foam thermal plasticity, such as PVC, TPR and so on. This kind of machine is controlled by computer program, such as single chip microcomputer and PLC. The computer host and vice machine are controlled precisely, simple to operate and easy to maintain. The design of the switch with matching closed mold master cylinder in the roll forming machines which works as roll forming machinery, can mold clamping and establish clamping force immediately to ensure the quality of the products. Proportional pressure control and independent operation with module material pressure are suitable for product manufacturing of different injection volume.

Secondly, here is the saving principle of the disc machine. During the working process of the disc machine, there is a very dramatic mutation process, its impact of the machine is very big and affect the service life of the whole injection system. Among these shoes factories domestic at present, there are a large amount of old equipments, their degrees of automation are very low and energy consumption is big. These machines are designed by the largest production capacity, but in fact, such big power should not be used in the process of producing. The speed of the oil pump kept the same, so the output power is almost the same; this phenomenon appears during the production which caused amount of energy waste.

Variable-frequency operation technology we used of the disc machine, the pressure and flow signal from computer board of the disc machine when checking the frequency converter, the pressure and flow signal is 0~1a. Through internal dealing to output different frequency and adjusting the speed of the roll forming machines which means output power and pressure, also flow rate, both of them are at the same aromatic tracking, it is like that the quantitative pump changed into energy-saving variable pump. The system of original liquid matched with the power of the whole roll forming machines, which eliminated the loss of original system with high-pressure. It can reduce the vibration of mold greatly, and stable production process, improve the quality of products, decrease failure of machines to prolong the service life of the inverter in the roll forming machines and save a lot of electricity.

The characteristics of frequency energy-saving are showed in different facets, such as easy to operate, high reliability, sort start, high rate of return and so on, which make the roll forming machines work smoothly in roll forming machinery.

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