Details of Metal Corrugated Pipe Roll Forming Machine

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Corrugated pipe steel roll forming machine can be used widely. This kind of steel roll forming machines corrugated pipe, then the corrugated pipe mainly applied in prestressed pore forming of post-tensioned method of prestressed concrete bridge and large construction projects. The volume of the glazed tile roll forming machine is small with compact structure and high efficiency, and its operation and maintenance are simple, so this kind of roll forming equipment is suitable for site or plant. This quality of corrugated pipe steel conforms to the JG225-2007 standard for prestressed concrete with metal spiral tube, and with good sealing performance, it is convenient for construction. The motor uses stepless variable speed with high rate of pipe and durable.

In order to the roll forming machines for sale, inspection is the most important before selling. Firstly, after the pipe rolling out, should check whether there is the phenomenon of trimming and fracturing of the pipe buckles or not, and cut the next one to checky. Secondly, when check the finished product, 400mm long pipe can be used to tear the pipe without tearing sound and check the ruffled without tearing phenomenon.

The metal corrugated pipe with large diameter is also widely used, nowadays, it is mainly used for roads, bridges, water conservancy construction and so on, also social demand degree is increasing, so the birth of processing technology of the corrugated pipe has become the inevitable trend of industrial development.

Corrugated pipe steel roll forming machine can use the pipe with the diameter 1-4meters, after processing of the corrugated pipe steel roll forming machine to make high strength corrugated pipe, which enhanced the support degree on the basis of the original one and its stability is much higher.

This kind of steel roll forming machine not only can fix the cylinder to be corrugated pipe, also can process arc corrugated plate to join with the pipe with bigger diameter, then use it in other important fields.

The tube with 1-4 diameter can use metal corrugated roll forming machine china to process the metal cylinder directly to be a metal pipe with 25~55mm height wave and 125-200mm wave. The metal bellows with larger diameter to pressure wave on the sheet metal processing, through the form by multiple roller metal corrugated plate forming machine, which can be made into metal pipe with fixed height wave and distanced wave, then through the second processing of the steel roll forming machine to be the final manual docking at last, which will become a corrugated plate combined with bigger diameter.

Nowadays, there are many manufacturers producing the steel roll form machine, so roll forming machine for sale become more popular than before. It is used widely in many areas, such as municipal and building, coal, mineral pipeline, smoke of power plant, the evacuation passageway and so on.

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