we will discuss the features of the electric actuator

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we will discuss the features of the electric actuator. Its appearance is quite elegant electric actuators. In the normal situation, its shell is made of aluminum alloy. This alloy can reduce the electromagnetic interference. Besides, its weight is very light. Meanwhile, it is very convenient for people to use it. It can be installed in any position. This actuator also has the corrosion resistance and rust resistance. Last but not least, its function is very powerful. It can output all kinds of signals.

Then, let us talk about the advantages of this actuator. First, it is very convenient to use this actuator because it is driven by the electric power. Second, the message transmission speed is quite quick and the transmission distance is very far. So this actuator can satisfy the requirement of the long distance. Third, compared with other actuators, this actuator has the higher sensitivity and accuracy. On basis of these features, this actuator can well coordinate with the electric regulator. However, everything has two sides just like a coin. The electric actuator has the shortcomings. Because its structure is very complex, the problems often take place. For example, when it is in operation, the short circuit often takes place. Besides, its explosion resistance is quite weak.

Last, we will discuss the classification of the electric actuator. It is the commonest actuator. When people go to the market, they can see a lot of these actuators. According to different modes of motion pneumatic actuators, this actuator can be classified into rotary electric actuator and linear electric actuator. In addition, the rotary also can be grouped into multi-turn type and part-turn type. As for the linear electric actuator, it can be divided into push-pull type and gear-rotation type.

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