Tips of Maintenance to Keep Crusher as New

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Impact crusher is suitable for crushing and reshaping the soft, mid-hard and extreme hard materials which is widely used in all kinds of ore, cement, refractory, calcined bauxite, carborundum, glass raw materials, Mechanism construction sand, aggregate rocks and all kinds of metallurgy ore. And especially more efficient in crushing hard and abrasive wear resistance materials such as silicon carbon, carborundum, sintered bauxite and magnesia than any other crushers in output. As the crushers are used to impact and crush hard materials, it’ll be easy for crushers to be damaged without proper operation. And the impact crusher will not work perfectly if the crushers are not kept in good repair. So the follows will let you know how to prevent the impact crushing machine from damage and improve the maintenance quality of impact crusher.

There are mainly there methods for your reference to maintain the impact crusher carefully to make full use of the function of crusher. The first is periodically shutting down the machine to inspect the wear patterns of the door and inside of the impact crusher. And also the degree of wear of the center into feed tube, conical cap, the on and down port plates of impeller, circular plate and wear resistant block should be inspected. The worn parts should be changed or repaired immediately and the wear resistant blocks should be changed together to keep the same weight of the wear resistant blocks. Opening the door and inspecting the operation inside is forbidden when the impact crusher is working, in case dangerous things appearing. If the impeller is found worn, you’d better go to the manufactures to make it repaired as soon as possible. It worth paying attention that you can’t make impeller all by yourself without manufactures permission.

Secondly, adjusting the pull force of triangle belt transmission to make sure the triangle belt is forced equally. So when the double motor drives, the triangle belt transmission of both sides could divide the belt to make the belts at the same length. Adjustment should be made the difference of two motors is not over 15A.

Thirdly, the impact crusher and the cone crusher should use the lubricating grease and super or 3# lithium-based grease. Proper grease should be added to the crusher whenever it works for 400 hours. When having been working every 2000 hours, the bearing should be cleaned and the bearing should be changed for new one after working for almost 7200 hours. The main shaft a top bearing which is float end and a bottom end bearing that is fixed end. And the wheel should be flexible when you turn the belt with your hand after being fitted together. You should be careful operating the machine when the crusher is working as it is a high-speed equipment. Related people should stay far away from the working crusher and you can’t repair the machine unless it shuts down. We suggest you invite professional maintenance man to mend the machine but not remove the core components without manufactures’ permission if any problems come up.

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